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Sometimes once in a while in life, we need that loving slap from a friend to remind us of our purpose in life and what we were ultimately put here on this earth to do. That session felt like I was having a conversation with my circle and they were reminding me bout the goals and aspirations I have in my life. It reminded me that no matter how old I am and where I am personally and professionally in life, that there is always room to grow and I can work on becoming a better version of myself. It was a reminder, that with the right people by my side, in my corner, in my ear, assisting me and encouraging me, that I can reach and crush my goals and acquire so much that I could possibly imagine. Boss Ladies United, I sincerely thank you for that loving slap.

Rose-marie Forde

Kris Michaels

A contingent of powerful caring committed Boss Ladies....


I just want to say that first session has reawaken the person I use to be. There were things said that you know but life happens, you become rap up in the disappointments and not getting that job or being in a job that physically drains you and don't care how much you try to get out it just seem as if you never will get out. So thank you!"