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United We Must Rise

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

"It's not enough to say we want change! We must be prepared to lead the change we so desperately desire." Boss Ladies United Woman all over the world are in a transition and in many cases making some really remarkable strides while smashing personal and business goals in pursuit of their dreams. Women everywhere are birthing new businesses, taking up top executive positions, starting new organizations, pivoting to new sectors and the list goes on, all while caring and nurturing for our families. Collectively however, women still have a significant way to go if we are going to change the game and increase our chances at greater success and fulfillment. Way too many published surveys are still revealing the gender diversity and inequality gaps that exist, all tilted towards the upward mobility and advancement of men over women. A recent survey published by the International Women Forum (IWF) - The Barbados Chapter highlighted that a whopping 25% of the total board positions within the financial services sector were held by women. While another survey published by UN Women revealed that the global gender wage gap estimated that women earned 77% of what men earned and only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. And yes, in case you were wondering, we are in the 21st century. There Is Power In Unity

These startling statistics show that even though women have been advancing, we are generally lagging behind and something must be done about it. We must start by asking ourselves some very fundamental questions. How can we as women improve our progress going forward and how are we ourselves contributing to the current state of affairs? Are we honestly doing enough to support each other during our upward climb that allows us all to rise together? There is no doubt that we can rise faster and more united if we continue to lift each other up as we rise.

Yet quite frankly, this is not always our reality, so this is where we need to start. Our willingness and support for each other through increased partnerships, mentorship opportunities for those coming behind us and openly sharing our knowledge and expertise to help others grow, happens to be our greatest opportunity to advance and change the current trajectory. There are so many success stories of women working together that can be modelled for greater and more sustainable impact. Women truly are more powerful when united! The opportunities for collaboration are endless and need to be sought out over competition. We must show up authentically in purpose and stop fearing each other. It is time to boldly get upfront and center and be a part of the transformation that's required. God knows the generation of girls coming behind us are counting on us to do better.

Boss Ladies United On A Mission For Transformation

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do!” – Steve Jobs

At Boss Ladies United, we see a "Boss Lady" as any woman on the move!

It's a Mindset. An Attitude and A Way of Life!

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