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Boss Ladies United

A Mindset, An Attitude, A way of life


Who are We?

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do!” – Steve Jobs

The Boss Ladies United is a professional development and networking society introduced to Inspire, Empower, Elevate and Unite women of all levels.

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Boss Lady Reviews


Sometimes once in a while in life, we need that loving slap from a friend to remind us of our purpose in life and what we were ultimately put here on this earth to do. That session felt like I was having a conversation with my circle and they were reminding me bout the goals and aspirations I have in my life. It reminded me that no matter how old I am and where I am personally and professionally in life, that there is always room to grow and I can work on becoming a better version of myself. It was a reminder, that with the right people by my side, in my corner, in my ear, assisting me and encouraging me, that I can reach and crush my goals and acquire so much that I could possibly imagine. Boss Ladies United, I sincerely thank you for that loving slap

Rose-marie Forde

Boss Ladies United is a blessing to my life. Ali has always been one since our children were at Hillary Turners Hall but you see from that day I meet Keri and Tracia at Marriott you all have been nothing much positivity in my life and I thank you all. It's amazing when you just shift your circle how things change. 
Another day another blessing.....Walking with intentionality!

Annella Michael

Kudos to you and your team as well for guiding us through our journeys. Think that what helped us with clarity! I for one felt like i was going around in circles until, i got your book and started the I'm making progress


A contingent of powerful, caring and committed Boss ladies!



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